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About Dentures

Removable, fixed, partial, full, or implant-supported dentures are a reliable solution for addressing missing teeth. If you experience tooth loss, these dental restorations should make it easier to talk and chew with confidence and enhance the look of your smile. We offer fixed, removable, partial, full, and implant-supported dentures for patients in Wellsboro, PA. Single-arch dentures restore each of the teeth in the top arch, lower arch, or both; however, we offer partial dentures if a few of the patient's teeth remain in the jawbone. At Complete Family Dentistry, our team can help you determine whether removable or implant-supported dentures are right for your goals and have them customized to produce an attractive look and comfortable fit. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our expert team members.

Types of Dentures

Addressing each patient's requirements is important to us. Our Wellsboro, PA practice proudly offers a variety of customizable denture options for tooth restoration:

  • Removable partial dentures fill in open spaces left by one or multiple missing teeth. We secure these dentures in place by conveniently attaching them to neighboring teeth.
  • Removable complete dentures take the place of an entire top or bottom arch and are held in place by the natural curve of the jaw or a denture paste.
  • Implant-supported dentures restore multiple or an entire arch of teeth. These dentures attach to oral posts in the jaw for enhanced dependability.
  • Fixed dentures are permanent dentures that remain in place by dental implants.
  • Traditional full dentures are placed after removing teeth and your mouth has completely recovered.

Are You a Candidate for Dentures?

Patients who have lost several teeth or need teeth extracted are good candidates for dentures. Dentures enable you to eat a wide variety of foods and help sustain your facial structure. To keep the dentures secure, patients need healthy gum tissue and enough bone mass. During your visit with us, we will assess your mouth and discuss possible treatments based on your needs, preferences, and budget. After this, our professionals can determine if dentures address your concerns and select the best type for your unique needs.

What Is the Denture Process?

We will start your prosthodontic treatment by performing 3D or physical impressions of your top and bottom arches. We send these impressions to our state-of-the-art, on-site dental lab that will create your personalized dentures. Single-arch and partial dentures use light resin, which may be reinforced by a metal framework. Dentures made with medical-grade biocompatible substances mimic the appearance of real teeth and gum tissues. Once we have your appliances ready, we will schedule a follow-up appointment for the denture fitting. We can adjust your restorations so they fit comfortably or attach them to already placed dental implants. We will also review the appropriate techniques to clean your personalized dentures.

Caring for Your Tooth Replacement

It may take about a month before you can eat and talk easily. These side effects are very normal, and over time, your dentures will start to feel more natural. If your dentures feel loose, please contact Complete Family Dentistry so one of our team members can perform a modification checkup. You can care for your dentures by brushing them with a soft brush following every meal. Additionally, to prevent your dentures from drying out, you should keep them in water overnight. We encourage you to come to Complete Family Dentistry for annual exams. This will help us monitor the condition of your appliances and your general oral wellness for many years in the future.

Replace Missing Teeth With Custom Dentures

Feel more confident when you eat, speak, and smile with full or partial tooth restorations. Complete Family Dentistry is happy to offer fixed, removable, partial, full, and implant-supported dentures to adults in Wellsboro, PA. To learn more about how dentures could rejuvenate your smile and help you live more comfortably, please schedule a consultation at Complete Family Dentistry.

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