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What Are Dental Implants?

Addressing damaged or missing teeth is critical to your oral health. To help Wellsboro, PA patients effectively manage extracted or lost teeth, we proudly provide prosthodontic options, like realistic-looking dental implants for tooth replacement. An implant consists of a metal screw that serves as an artificial tooth root. A personalized crown, bridge, or full arch is used as the visible portion of the lost tooth (or teeth). When you experience tooth loss or require an extraction, schedule a consultation at Complete Family Dentistry in Wellsboro, PA to learn about your dental implant options.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Oral implants are often preferred because they offer a variety of benefits. As efficient restorations, fixed implants:

  • Provide a long-lasting solution
  • Offer improved jaw force and lifespan of dental restorations
  • Enhance your self-assurance when speaking and anytime you smile
  • Combine with the bone tissues to keep up jawbone health and structure
  • Enhance the ability for a healthier diet
  • Mimic normal teeth in functionality and visual appeal

Are You a Candidate?

Dental implants can take the place of any number of missing teeth, from one tooth to your entire mouth. You might qualify for implants if you:

  • Experience tooth loss
  • Need extractions
  • Feel dissatisfied with your present restoration

Dental implants need strong bone support, healthy gum tissues, and an excellent dental environment to work well. Sometimes, patients need additional services before they can undergo dental implants. Implant-supported restorations may not work for patients who are pregnant, use tobacco products, or have certain health disorders. At your visit, we can help you determine if oral implants can address your concerns.

What Is the Treatment Process?

The treatment technique for oral implants includes the careful placement of the implant and the attachment of a natural-looking restoration (like full-arch pieces, crowns, or bridges). We begin the procedure by numbing your mouth with anesthesia. If needed, we can use nitrous oxide to reduce dental anxiety and to keep you comfortable. Next, we expertly place the titanium post within the bone. Over time, your implant should naturally fuse to the bone. This unique process is known as osseointegration. After your surgical site has fully healed in 6 – 9 months, we will position a customized crown, denture, or bridge and review the alignment of your jaw.

Recovery Following Implant Placement

People who undergo this procedure might experience mild symptoms, such as swelling, discoloration, and pain near the treatment area. To help reduce your discomfort, we may prescribe pain relievers, and we recommend using cold compresses. As soon as the titanium implant has merged with your bone, and the custom crown, denture, or bridge is attached, we highly recommend following a great dental care routine. We will provide detailed aftercare instructions and show you the best way to brush and floss with dental implants. When patients schedule their regular dental visits, we will polish the implants and assess the health of their gums and jaw.

Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Thanks to improvements in dental technology, patients can select from multiple treatment options for missing teeth. Using natural-looking and effective implants, we happily provide this innovative treatment to our Wellsboro, PA patients. To learn more about your options for replacing badly decayed or lost teeth, please schedule your appointment at Complete Family Dentistry!

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