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What Are Dental Crowns?

If you have individual teeth with large amounts of decay, we can treat the damage with a crown. Proudly offering prosthodontic care, our patient-centered practice provides crowns to help support and cover the visible part of a tooth. A crown can also enhance the natural function and cosmetic appearance of your tooth. At Complete Family Dentistry, we tailor your crown restorations so they blend in with your natural teeth. Often, we can use crowns for fractured teeth, tooth decay, oddly shaped teeth, or other types of damage. To replace a missing tooth, we can also combine crowns with an appliance to create a bridge. Schedule a consultation at Complete Family Dentistry in Wellsboro, PA to determine if a crown can improve your dental health and smile.

Do I Need a Crown?

Wellsboro, PA individuals might need a crown restoration procedure to address several oral health conditions. Common reasons for a dental crown procedure include:

  • Teeth with cracks or fractures
  • Worn or eroded tooth structure
  • Teeth that appear discolored or oddly shaped
  • Moderate areas of tooth decay
  • Teeth with large, damaged fillings
  • Teeth that required a root canal
  • Smiles that require a dental bridge for tooth replacement
  • Completion of an implant

At Complete Family Dentistry, we use crown restorations for the back and front teeth. Sometimes, we make them from all-ceramic or other types of aesthetic materials, porcelain over a metal substrate, or a high-noble metal (like gold). Our talented dental professionals will review your tooth or teeth and help you choose the right type of crown procedure for your individual needs and cosmetic goals.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Your crown usually requires a series of appointments. At your first session, one of our skilled dental experts will administer local anesthesia to your damaged tooth. If needed, we can provide nitrous oxide to ensure you remain comfortable. After eliminating the damaged area, an impression of the prepared tooth is made and sent to our in-house dental lab to create your crown. While we develop your permanent crown, a temporary one is placed over your tooth or we may use an implant-retained technique to help you maintain oral function and a natural look. You will need to return to Complete Family Dentistry in about 7 – 14 days so you can have the provisional crown taken off and your new restoration adhered to the tooth or dental implant.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

Following its placement, we will adjust your custom dental crown to ensure your bite is even and comfortable. One of our staff members will talk to you about properly caring for your dental restoration and showing you at-home oral care techniques. During your regular checkups at our Wellsboro, PA practice, one of our experts will assess the condition of your crown and your overall oral health. With proper at-home habits, biannual cleanings, and yearly dental exams, a dental restoration can help maintain your oral health for many years. If your restoration ever feels unstable or completely falls off, please call Complete Family Dentistry for assistance as soon as possible. Trying to repair or reattach it yourself can easily damage your tooth and dental crown.

Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

Dental cracks, fractured teeth, and similar types of issues might require a crown from our Wellsboro, PA office. This prosthodontic can help protect your tooth from further challenges while regaining the ideal function and enhancing your smile. Please get in touch with Complete Family Dentistry to schedule a treatment with our team and determine if a dental crown or another restoration works best for your needs.

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