Root Canal Therapy in Wellsboro, PA

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About Root Canal Treatment

Damaged teeth are often treated with a filling or restoration if the condition is detected and treated in time. However, when the damage extends to the core of the tooth (also referred to as the pulp), you may need a root canal treatment to improve oral function and reduce the need for extraction. At Complete Family Dentistry, we offer root canal therapy to treat contaminated pulp tissue, restructure the affected tooth, and enhance oral health. Using sedation dentistry to reduce dental anxiety, our team can eliminate infected pulp with comprehensive root canal treatment. If you notice any pain or an abscessed tooth, please contact our Wellsboro, PA facility to learn more about the health advantages of specialized root canal therapy.

Are You a Candidate for a Root Canal?

Often caused by severe tooth decay, a large chip, or trauma, the diseased inner pulp can cause extreme discomfort. To reduce tooth discomfort and improve your oral health, we will perform a digital scan and complete an oral exam to determine if you need a root canal or another type of treatment. Common side effects that may indicate a root canal problem, include:

  • Intense or throbbing oral aches
  • Lasting oral pain
  • Pressure while chewing
  • Sensitivity to cold and warm temperatures
  • Puffiness on the lower face or gum tissues
  • A boil on the gum tissues
  • Darkening of a tooth after an injury

The Root Canal Process

We utilize specialized techniques to help you stay relaxed throughout your root canal treatment. At our Wellsboro, PA office, we use local anesthesia and nitrous oxide during your root canal to ensure you remain comfortable. When the tooth is numb, a rubber dam is set up to protect your mouth. Next, we make a small opening in the top of your tooth to reach the infection. The infected pulp, which makes up the nerve center and blood storage for every tooth, is removed and the region is reshaped with special tools. Finally, we will sanitize the area, close your tooth with a high-quality material, and place an anesthetic filling to encourage recovery.

Following Your Treatment

Any oral pain you had before your endodontic procedure should start to subside right after your root canal procedure. To reduce any discomfort or inflammation after your visit, we recommend over-the-counter pain medication. We will schedule a follow-up appointment a couple of weeks later so we can monitor your recovery. After undergoing endodontic therapy, teeth have a higher risk of deterioration. Because of this, the tooth typically requires a personalized crown once fully recovered. A custom-made crown can enhance the health and look of your tooth.

Save Your Tooth and Smile

Damaged and infected teeth can cause a variety of oral health issues if not addressed. However, thanks to developments in dentistry, a root canal is an efficient and safe treatment to improve your tooth and dental health. Please call Complete Family Dentistry in Wellsboro, PA to schedule an appointment.

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